How ComboClip Works

A Few Examples – Be Creative!
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ComboClip and ComboLock

ComboClip & ComboLock before lock insertion. Note the small catch lever on the lock.

Designs are subject to change for optimal performance. See Shop pages for current designs.

ComboClip & ComboLock Installed

ComboLock slide into place. Note the catch lever is latched inside one of the openings. Also, see how the lock presses against the clips’ flexible arms.

Clip With Lock In Unistrut Channel

The large “block” at the bottom of the Unistrut is the section with the two “wings” of the lock. These prevent the clip from lifting off the Unistrut and disengaging.

Center 1/4″ Hole

Recessed hex shape holds 1/4-20 nut or screw in place while tightening. Eyebolt shown.

No Tool Installation

  • Insert ComboClip into the channel and twist 90 degrees to engage clip with channel rails, or
  • Tilt ComboClip slightly and engage one of the flexible arm catches.  Squeeze the two arms together and engage the second arm catch.
  • Insert ComboLock. (not shown)

Up Or Down Orientation

Both the Slot and the Channel installations may be used in FACE DOWN or FACE UP direction.

Zip Tie Attachments

In addition to the obvious screw/bolt attachment points, there are two zip tie slots for mounting in two directions.

Gripper Cable Attachments

Dual slots for gripper cables with or without wire end stops, or add 1/4″-20 screw in center hole and attach gripper connector.

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