160w LED High Bay Lighting SSL North America

Innovative System For LED Lighting

 1,518 to 14,800 Lumens  |  172 to 187 Lumens/Watt

LumaStrut LED modules are about to revolutionize commercial lighting.

For new light installations, simply snap LumaStrut modules into existing or newly installed Unistrut® channels.  A wide range of lengths and light outputs are available. Use them for small area lighting, such as work shops, storage units or store rooms, or for large areas such as warehouses, manufacturing or retail floors.

Unistrut has been used widely as a LED lighting platform by bolting complete fixtures to one or two Unistrut channels.  LumaStrut units are quickly snapped into the channels. Drivers are either attached to the back or the Unistrut or mounted in groups remotely. Standard or plenum rated thermostat wire with plug-in connectors are then used for low voltage connections from drivers to LEDs.

General Specifications

Have your own linear LED modules and drivers?
We can provide just the LumaStrut Mounts.
  • 15W to 160W drivers
  • 1,518 to 14,800 lumens at 5000K & no lens
  • 4000K or 5000K CCT
  • Diffuser lens or 60 degree beam angle lens
  • 80CRI tightly spaced LEDs
  • 100-277VAC

Unistrut High Bay LED Lighting

Components Close Up
Diffuser Lens Shown

Fulham Linear LED Modules
LumaStrut Low Bay LED Installation

44″ LumaStrut Installation

Wago End to End LED Connector

End to End Connector

Fulham Constant Current LED Drivers

Example Constant Current Drivers

Wago Poke In Connector

Wago Poke-In Connector

Fulham Programmable LED Driver

Programmable Driver & Programmer

Unistrut: registered trademark of Unistrut Inc.

LumaStrut with Unistrut Installation

22″ LumaStrut on Unistrut